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September 27, 2022

By September 27, 2022June 9th, 2023Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Carol Rybarski, Mary Alice Ayers, Kenda North, Jim Barnes, Nathan Cox, Nancy Willson, Riley Willson, Carole Somers-Clark, Joanna Robben

  1. Welcome-Carol Rybarski
  2. Treasurer’s Report- Nathan Cox

42.7 % of Households in SPE are SPENA Members

The bank account balance is $6886.53

Spena has 2 new members since the last meeting.

  1. Social Chair Report- see below for update
  2. New Neighbor’s Welcome Ambassador Report- There will be a New Members Brunch and thus far 4 households have accepted.
  3. Social Media Report- see below for update
  4. Historian Report- see below for update
  5. HOC Representative Report- Home Tour of October 22-23, 2022 has been cancelled. There may be a Passport Tour Spring 2023. Membership has decreased from 33 to 13 Neighborhoods
  6. Greenspace Representative Report- No report.
  7. NOCCUP Report- No report
  8. Old Business
  9. Stephanie Wicke will be working with Carol Rybarski to familiarize Carol with how to post on the website
  10. GED Dippery has consented to be in charge of Social Media.
  11. The website needs to be updated, for example there are 2 Conservation Districts documents posted, one for 2011 and one for 2018. Also contact people have changed. There are neighbor hood concerns re: the Conservation District . The City has new people in key positions . You now have to go online to make application for changes/exceptions/variances. Response is slow, the process is burdensome, and some contractors just make changes and wait to see if there are any complaints.
  12. Church Update- Continues to be an issue. No response or contact from the owners. Now not even the lawn is being maintained. Suggest people call 311 and report to Code Compliance. Jim Barnes saw that there was a code compliance posting on the back door for high weeds and structural issues a few weeks ago, but the posting is gone and no changes have been made. Kenda North presented an email from City Employee, Trevor Brown, Chief Planner, in response to an email she sent expressing concern over the church’s condition. He suggested contacting okdkdkdkjujjjjhghgfr55667uhujjthe owner, which already has been attempted a number of times. Carol Rybarski will try again to contact the owners
  13. Triangle Clean-up: there is poison ivy in the park and we need to wait till a hard freeze to work in the triangle
  14. The baby agaves from the triangle will be up for donations at the 1st Friday October.
  15. Halloween: Lindsey Patterson is the Lead on all aspects of Halloween in SPENA and is coordinating with the Police. Police will place barricades.

New Business

  1. First Friday October will be at the Rybarski’s home.
  2. First Friday November will be at the home of Steve and Mary Calvo
  3. January 2023 Membership meeting will be at the Robben’s home, date TBA, but in late January.
  4. There will be no First Friday February 2023, then First Fridays 2023 will begin again in March 2023
  5. At the last meeting of the interested parties for the maybe yes/maybe no Sprouts it was agreed that the process needed to play out, and no agreement was reached. Carol Rybarski contacted Chad West and an email concerning Neighborhood meetings is expected, but none has been sent, to date.
  6. Wayne Gossard is working with Trey Kemp to produce a book on the history of SPGolf Course.

Meeting Adjourned 8:10 pm

The next SPENA Board Mtg will be held October 25, 2022  at 7 pm at the home of Nancy and Riley Willson, 1940 Old Orchard.

Respectfully submitted, Nancy and Riley Willson


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