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September 2023

SPENA Board Minutes

At the home of Carol Rybarski

Tuesday, September 26th 7 pm

Attendees: Carol Rybarski (President), Nathan Cox (Treasurer), Jim Barnes (Historian), Mary Alice Ayers (Welcome Ambassador), Kenda North (Communications), Joanna Robben (Greenspace Rep)

Carol called the meeting to order at 7 pm.  Minutes taken by Kenda North

  1. Welcome – Carol Rybarski

2. Treasurer Report- Nathan Cox-

One new member this month bringing us to 78 members.

The cost of the Halloween police patrol is up from $1500 to $1680.

3. Welcome Ambassador – Mary Alice Ayers has a list of new neighbors and is trying to get responses.

4.  Calendar Items (Rybarski)

             First Friday October 6th Mike Argy and Saul Reyes Event signs go out Wednesday

             New Neighbor Brunch October 15th 11-1 pm.  Rybarski household. Board members

promised dishes.  Kenda provided a list of new neighbors and invitations to be mailed.

            Halloween-  Lindsey Patterson has again contacted and hired off duty police officers.

Cost has gone up. Kenda will post a report on what to expect for Halloween next month.

5. Old Business

           Annie Stevens Park unfortunately has a continuing problem with homeless encampments, particularly at the SW                      corner. Jim Barnes patrols once a week and picks up trash. Volunteers needed to help patrol, pick up trash and call 311                  to  report.

            Heritage Oak Cliff- The Home Tour is back for October 28 and 29th.  No homes from Stevens Park Estates are on the               tour.

            Greenspace The Golf Tournament coming up, will raise money for Greenspace projects

6. New Business

            Upcoming SPENA Board prospects

We need to set up individuals for the 2024 Board.

Present Board members who are willing to continue-  Nathan Cox as Treasurer, Kenda North Communications, Mary                   Alice Ayers Welcome Ambassador, Joanna Robben Greenspace and Jim Barnes Historian, Wilson Meador NOCCUP.

Needs are President, Vice President, Secretary, Heritage Oak Cliff, Social Chair.

A nominating committee was set up with Joanna Robben as Chair, Kenda North participating and will appoint one more              member.  Discussion continued on neighborhood individuals who might be interested in serving. The new Board should              be announced in December and voted in prior to the January general meeting.


Meeting Adjourned.


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