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August 30, 2022

By August 30, 2022June 9th, 2023Meeting Minutes

SPENA Board Meeting Minutes 8/30/22,  Riley Willson


Kenda North, Carol Rybarski, Carol Somers-Clark, Nathan Cox, Riley Willson, Ellie Hajek, James Barnes.

-Treasurers Report, Nathan Cox:

  • We have 4 new members in SPENA
  • Discussion about adding a method to repeat charges for SPENA membership. Adding this feature would require that we store credit/debit card numbers and hence was rejected due to perceived liability
  • Tom Thumb has removed SPENA from their Good Neighbor account due to lack of use.
  • SPENA has $6,791 in the bank.  (therefore money to pay for Halloween Police patrol


  • Lindsey Patterson tell us how to engage and pay for a Police patrol including barricades. It is understood that the Police themselves bring the barricades.

-Minutes for June SPENA meeting

  • Nancy will provide the minutes at her earliest opportunity and Carol said she would post them to the SPENA website

-Island Garden Cleanup

  • It was suggested that we schedule this for Saturday Oct. 22
  • It has been suggested we have a signup list.

-First Friday  on Oct. 7 at Russ and Erica Snook’s house

-New Neighbor Brunch

  • Scheduled Sunday October 9th,  11am-1pm, Carol and Joe hosting

-Significant Events for next Year

  • Total Solar Eclipse 4/8/24 12:23pm – 3:02pm
  • Stevens Park Golf Course 100th anniversary



-Heritage/Passport Home Tour Oct 22, 23.

  • SPENA will not be responsible for any service at this time.

-Sewer overflow in the flood

  • No action at this time but call 311 if it happens again

-Crosswalk/ sidewalk

  • Chad West said he can help via conversation with Kyle Wick
  • We will wait until we hear back before taking further action.

-Stephanie Wick has resigned from the SPENA board

  • She was doing SPENA’s Social media, Facebook, Instagram, Constant Contact
  • We need to find a volunteer for this and other technical issues. Kenda will send out a request to the SPENA email address list
  • Stephanie could never get logged in to our Facebook page for edits

-Kenda maintains the SPENA member email address list

-Sprouts withdraws from building a proposed store on FW Ave.

  • Plan Commission rejected Spouts layout plan due to code non-compliance.
  • Carol with tell Chad West that the SPENA board in general thinks that businesses should comply with the existing plan.


  • It appears nothing is happening to improve the condition of the property and building.
  • Owners are unresponsive.
  • Kenda will send a note to Code Compliance asking for direction

-SPE Conservation district re: the Church

  • There are two documents on our website. The older one (2011) should be removed as only the 2018 one applies
  • Main uses listed for the Church property are: Church, Handicapped group dwelling units, Local Utilities, and Single Family

-Kenda passed out a new neighbors list

– Kenda passed out a flyer for the Rising Star artist exhibition put on by Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts.

-Next SPENA Board Mtg. 9/27/22  (now at Carol Rybarski’s home, 7pm


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