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February 28, 2023

By February 28, 2022June 9th, 2023Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Jim Barnes, Historian; Carol Rybarski, President; Carole Summers-Clark;  Riley Willson, Secretary; Nathan Cox, Treasurer; Kenda North, Communications; Peggy Shipp; Mary Alice Ayers

Not present:, Wilson Meador, Ellie Hayjack, Joanna Robben

  1. Treasurer’s Report (Nathan Cox)
    1. Nathan passed out SPENA Bank Account Statement as of February 28, 2023
      1. Balance is $8319
      2. 62 of 206 Households have paid dues which most thought was a good representation
  2. First Friday will be at Lindsey’s home
    1. Will be serving street tacos and Kenda is bringing chips
  3. Miramar issue by Carol Summers-Clark
    1. Community Mtg at 6pm Monday at Kessler Methodist
    2. Office of Homeless Solutions, City Square
    3. Looking for Management of Operations person
    4. The number of units is now down to 40
  4. Heritage Oak Cliff by Carol Summers-Clark
    1. No homes are signed up for the Home Tour
    2. They are looking for someone to do communications (maybe paid)
    3. Trying to get Passport Oak Cliff program going
  5. Greenspace might be doing another cleanup day
  6. May Block Party
    1. Frank Pittenger’s band has been engaged
    2. Need to pick food options (Hamburger Man, BBQ, ,,,
    3. No bounce house this year
  7. Business Meeting in May
    1. Carol will contact Jim to get the Club House at Stevens Park Golf reserved
    2. Possible Program is “Residential Tree Care”
  8. Neighborhood Garage Sale
    1. Need to pick a date and announce
    2. Each household will need a garage sale permit
  9. Easter Egg Hunt
    1. Need to find a volunteer manager to coordinate. (previous one aged out)
    2. Carol is searching
  10. Triangle Cleanup Saturday March 4th
  11. Nathan will check on tax deduction credits for donations to SPENA (501c3)
  12. Carol wants the city to pay for sidewalk enhancement/repairs for several crosswalks
  13. An idea to highlight Stevens Park amenities such as the Golf course grill. Maybe in newsletter
  14. We need Laurel’s phone number to determine if her house is a Dilbeck design.
  15. The water station for the run is good to go

Respectfully submitted,

Riley Willson, Alternate Secretary


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