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May 26, 2020

By July 20, 2020June 9th, 2023Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Carole Somers-Clark, President; Kathryn Warren, Past-President; Heather Perlowski, Social Media; Carol Rybarski, Social Chair; Jane Rogers, HOC Rep; Kenda North, Communications; Cheryl Aukeman, Vice-President and Greenspace Rep; John Ellis, Treasurer; and Michelle Touchet, Secretary

  1. Treasurer’s Report-John
    1. Financial Report/Funding
      1. 2 new dues payments (58/206 homes joined)
      1. Directory
        1. Cost ~$600
        1. HOC Grant Requested  (Jane) for ~$300
      1. Art project @ Sylvan-30 underpass ($14,000 needed)
        1. General Board Consensus: nice artistic design, great idea; art is expensive
        1. Cheryl is going to ask GreenSpace to donate $ at their next meeting
        1. SPENA will donate $1500 to the project
  2. Directory-Kenda
    1. New spreadsheet—yay, Kenda and John!
    1. Paper vs Online
      1. Online should be pre-populated
        1. Only Name and address pre-populated
        1. More details could be added if residents want to create a login
      1. Wynnewood has both; Winnetka has paper only
      1. Send Kenda any questions you may have, and she will talk to Vicki
      1. Kenda will ask Vicki if we can create something that residents can print themselves.
  3. Website & Social Media-Heather (mobile: 469 580 6331)
    1. Please send her any pics or posts for Facebook/Insta/Website
    1. Instagram handle: Stevens_Park_Estates_SPENA
    1. Website:
  4. Social Events-Carol R.
    1. Welcome Basket in the Time of COVID-19
      1. Ask if they even Want a basket (via email or note on door)
      1. Suggestions: leave basket on doorstep; gift card to local restaurant or cookie from vendor in lieu of home baked cookies; SPENA Board member closest to new neighbor is the most logical person to deliver the basket.
  5. Other Business
    1. Constant Contact Messages-Census Reminder (Kathryn to write up and forward to Kenda)
    1. Rod Turns 80!!!!!!!! June drive by parade!

The next Board Mtg will be June 30th @ 7:00 BYO Masks and Socially Distance at Carole Somers-Clark’s Home.

Respectfully submitted, Michelle Touchet.


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