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April 28, 2020

By July 20, 2020June 9th, 2023Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Carole Somers-Clark, President; Kathryn Warren, Past-President; Heather Perlowski, Social Media; Carol Rybarski, Social Chair; Jane Rogers, HOC Rep; Kenda North, Communications; Cheryl Aukeman, Greenspace Rep; John Ellis, Treasurer; and Michelle Touchet, Secretary

  1. Treasurer’s Report-John
    1. 2 new dues
    1. Paid website bill
  2. Directory-Kenda
    1. Time to move to an online format
    1. Cost ~$400 for Vicky Gouge <> to create our database
      1. She would plug it into our website
      1. Basic information, but members could go in and update their info
      1. John and Kenda will still need to generate an excel sheet with the basic data
  3. Website & Social Media-Heather
    1. Facebook-combined and updated
    1. Instagram-pics uploaded, Stevens_Park_Estates_SPENA
    1. NextDoor-n/a
    1. (website) up to date with meeting minutes
  4. Social Events-Carol R.
    1. Annual Business Meeting-Postponed until ??
    1. Block Party-should we cancel or do a modified party
      1. Food truck with pre-orders?
      1. Some neighborhoods are doing this
      1. FINAL DECISION-Cancel, don’t want someone to get sick at Our event!
  5. COVID19 Update-Carol R.
    1. 60+ stay at home
    1. Cancel all non-essential events
    1. For events: hand washing, social distancing, etc…
  6. HOC Grants-Jane
    1. Deadline May 15, 2020
    1. Irrigation for triangle park
      1. Need to make sure we know who “owns” this property (The City of Dallas owns it.)
      1. Past investigations showed irrigation prohibitively expensive
    1. Website design (2020 online directory project)
      1. Kenda will write up a draft proposal for the online directory project
    1. Social Activities (2021 block party)
      1. Carole R. can provide verbiage and cost to include in this grant application
    1. Kathryn to provide past grants to Jane for her information (i.e matching grants for sidewalks)
  7. Greenspace-Carol A.
    1. Past 2 meetings have been cancelled
    1. Golf tournament has been scheduled for October
    1. Will put out a mission statement to let folks know who is responsible for all the beauty they are currently enjoying!
    1. Can join/donate GreenSpace
    1. Joe R. has been doing great PR on NextDoor for GreenSpace

The next Board Mtg will be May 26th @ 7:00 Virtually (Michelle to set up Zoom)

Respectfully submitted, Michelle Touchet.


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