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February 13, 2018

By February 20, 2018Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Kathryn Warren, President; Kenda North, Past President, Constant Contact Rep; Christine Kulstad, Co-Vice President; Alisha Senour, Treasurer; Michelle Touchet, Secretary; Ellie Hajek, Membership; Carol Rybarski, Social Chair; Cheryl Freydberg, Greenspace Co-Rep; Bryon Adinoff, Greenspace Co-Rep; Carole Somers-Clark, Heritage Oak Cliff Rep

  1. Financials, Senour
    1. 47 households paid to date
    2. Financial details in report
    3. Signatories on bank account: Michelle Stellmaker & Alisha Senour
    4. Paypal: still under Michelle Stellmaker’s profile
      1. Alisha to send in required documentation to update Paypal Contact Information
      2. Can Paypal be under the name of an organization?
  • Kathryn Warren moved to change the Contact Name to Alisha Senour. Seconded by Carole Somers-Clark. Voted FOR unanimously.
  1. Membership, Hajek
    1. New member info goes to Kathryn, Ellie, Carol, Alisha and Kenda
    2. “big spreadsheet” to be tracked by Alisha
    3. Not too many home sales recently
  • Social, Rybarski
    1. First Friday-need someone to take on March, Garnish Kitchen a possibility? Plan B: Cheese & Chutney?
    2. Cooking class, Garnish Kitchen (GK) on Davis
    3. Yard Sale, April 14 (minimum 10 houses participating, encourage partnering/clustering with a neighbor)
      1. Mary Alice Ayers and Michelle Touchet to coordinate
      2. Send Kenda text for CC regarding garage sale
    4. Block Party- Determine Lucky Pierre’s availability prior to setting the date
      1. Possible dates: May 5 or June 2?
      2. Lockhart or Hamburger Man to cater
    5. Easter Egg Hunt
      1. 9:00 am start
      2. Possible collaboration with West Kessler again
    6. New neighborhood event signs with updated SPENA logo?
      1. Kenda to get some bids (MetPress non-profit printer)
      2. New sign meisters: Christine (N Oak Cliff), Jason (Marydale), Kenda (Mayflower/Old Orchard)
    7. Heritage Oak Cliff (HOC), Somers-Clark
      1. GRANT IDEA: Sidewalk Project
        1. need to complete a sidewalk survey
        2. Carole, Carol, Christine, and Kathryn to walk this weekend, weather permitting
      2. Upcoming Meet & Greet with neighborhood leaders (flyer available)
      3. Spring Symposium-grant workshop
      4. Stevens Park Elementary project completed (invoice to be turned in to Alisha)
        1. Kathryn moved to approve and cover $77 budget overage for project. Seconded by Christine. Voted FOR unanimously.
      5. GRANT IDEA: water fountain for Twelve Hills Nature Center
        1. Possible collaborators: Kings Hwy, Kessler Neighbors United, West Kessler (maybe Rosemont, St. Cecilia, Winnetka Heights)
        2. Michelle Touchet to investigate neighborhood and Twelve Hills interest
  • Kathryn to attend HOC Meet and Greet to investigate neighborhood interest
  1. Home Tour suggestions? Looking for variety of homes
  1. Conservation District Amendment Committee, North & Somers-Clark
    1. Upcoming meeting on February 22 at Turner House
      1. Highly recommend ALL to attend
      2. Second meeting a possibility
  • Issue of Lot Size has been removed from the conversation
  1. No second vote—It will be determined as a result of the conversation between residents with the City as per ordinances (City Ordinance Committee, City Planning Commission, City Council)
  1. GreenSpace, Adinoff & Freydberg
    1. Looking for a sculpture to install, which island?
    2. GS Board approved funding
    3. GS Board Interest in increasing spending from $2500-$15,000
  • Annual General Meeting, Warren
    1. Proposed agenda items/speakers: Greenspace speaker, Lupe Valdez, Rafael Anchia
    2. Date: May 10? 17? To check with mgr at golf course regarding availability
    3. Location: Turner House vs. Golf Course? Chose golf course because it’s closer


The next meeting will be held at the home of: Carol Rybarski on Colorado, March 6, 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Michelle Touchet


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