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26 October 2021

By December 17, 2021June 9th, 2023Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Carole Somers-Clark, President; Carol Rybarksi, Social; Kathryn Warren, Past-President; and Joanna Robben, GreenSpace Rep; John Ellis, Treasurer; Michelle Touchet, Secretary; Kenda North, Communications

  1. 2022-2044 SPENA Board nominations (all)
    1. President- Carol Rybarski
    2. Vice President/Social- Peggy Shipp
    3. Secretary- Nancy Wilson, Dawn Slovacek
    4. Treasurer- Nathan Cox
    5. New Neighbor’s Welcome Ambassador- Mary Alice Ayers
    6. Social Media- Stephanie Wick
    7. Historian- Jim Barnes
      1. Passport continuation of story, include homes that will turn 100
    8. HOC Representative- [Kenda to put out feeler on Constant Contact]
    9. Greenspace Representative- Joanna Robben
    10. Communications- Kenda North
    11. NOCCUP- Wilson Meador, Monty Ayers
  2. Budget (John)
    1. 27% of neighborhood are members (very low)
    2. Conversation regarding insurance for non-profit orgs
  3. Halloween
    1. Barricades
    2. Call 911 or NOCCUP if you have an issue
    3. No police officers available at this time
  4. Sidewalk project/HOC grant wrap-up and vote (John & Carole)
    1. Did not receive the fall 2021 HOC grant
    2. Send out Constant Contact asking for neighborhood input to discuss the project’s future
    3. Possible resubmission of HOC grant request, Spring 2022.
  5. Social (Carol)
    1. New neighbor welcome baskets
    2. First Friday-November
    3. Christmas Party-Cheryl Auckman
    4. January Membership Party-Taco y Vino, Cibo diVino, Cliff House, Dawn’s backyard, Manhattan, Chicken Scratch
    5. Spring Business meeting invite Coombs Creek Conservancy, Joseph Beckman to present.
  6. Board Bylaws and Decision-making (all)
    1. Board decision making to be based on the mission and purpose outlined in the bylaws of the Stevens Park Neighborhood coupled with the budget available.
  7. Purple Bag Plan (Kenda)
    1. Frozen turkeys needed by Brother Bills (~350)
    2. Tom Thumb will reserve 30 turkeys for SPENA and deliver them to Brother Bills
    3. Turkey will cost about $25
    4. Ask Purple Bag people for $25 (online) to SPENA
  8. Greenspace Report (Joanna)
    1. Golf tournament a success
    2. Sold all spots


The next SPENA Board Mtg will be January 25 @ 7:00. Location: Home of Carol Rybarski, 1935 W. Colorado

Respectfully submitted, Michelle Touchet


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