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29 June 2021

By July 8, 2021June 9th, 2023Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Carole Somers-Clark, President; Jane Rogers, HOC Rep; Michelle Touchet, Secretary; Carol Rybarksi, Social; Kathryn Warren, Past-President; Monty Ayers, neighbor; and Joanna Robben, GreenSpace Rep

  1. N Oak Cliff Blvd/Plymouth Island Maintenance
    1. We need someone help to care for the island. (Leo ?)
    2. Water line from the park?
    3. Really long water hose and a willing/generous neighbor?
    4. Carole Rybarski to do some research on getting water to the island. Cost?
  2. Sidewalk extension @ N Oak Cliff and Lauraette (Monty)
    1. $6700 for 85’ of straight sidewalk (private proposal from Fernando Sanchez)
      1. Is this price COVID related?
      2. Should we wait a few months to see if pricing lowers?
  • Need to get second bid.
  1. Who is the City’s contractor? Can we get the City’s price?
  2. com is part of the city’s “walkability”program (turn around time unknown)
  3. This is NOT part of the City’s sidewalk replacement program
  4. Monty talked to Chad West. No result as of yet.
  5. We would need to get a “new sidewalk permit” from City of Dallas
  6. Brainstorming: GoFundMe; concrete guys are scarce right now; put up a sign to acknowledge donors; welcome/solicit feedback from neighbors; neighbors have option to pitch in toward the effort
  7. Kathryn will look at the DallasSidewalks.Com site to determine if this is something we can use.
  1. Social Events (Carol)
    1. Monty and Mary Alice willing to host a gathering on their covered outdoor deck (late Sept)
      1. This event could be used to share information about the sidewalk fundraiser
    2. Erica and Russ Snoops are still willing to host Oktoberfest (October)
  2. Welcome Baskets (Carol R.) 2 baskets needed
    1. Include with bulk trash schedule the city watering days; tips for how to deal with bulk trash; populate calendar with bulk trash dates (city hyperlink)
    2. Ready for more fresh-baked cookies
    3. Need a cute idea for packaging the papers that go into the baskets
  3. GreenSpace, 501(c)3 (Joanna)
    1. Golf Scramble (fundraiser), happy hour, fundraiser, every Wednesday
    2. Will have two focus groups:
      1. Golf course
      2. Trail (care for island across from the tennis courts, N Clinton)
    3. MiraMar (Jane)
      1. City Square was approved as the provider by the City Council
      2. Goal is to get SUP filed by Aug 3
      3. Population CitySquare typically service are folks who had previous mental illness or chemical
        1. Precludes families
        2. Small percentage will be permanent supportive house (solely funded by City Square)
  • Remaining units will be transitional housing
  1. 24/7 security
  1. Next Steps for the Community:
    1. Craft Good Neighbor Agreement (non-binding)
    2. SUP can have “terms” (i.e. renewal terms, highest/best use, noise, etc.)
  2. Proposed Next Public Input Meeting: July 13
    1. Hopefully in person
    2. Good neighbor and SUP to be on the agenda


The next SPENA Board Mtg will be August 31 @ 7:00. Location: TBD

Respectfully submitted, Michelle Touchet.


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