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January 27, 2021

By February 4, 2021June 9th, 2023Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Carole Somers-Clark, President; Jane Rogers, HOC Rep; Kenda North, Communications; Cheryl Aukeman, Greenspace Rep; and Michelle Touchet, Secretary; Ellie Hajek

  1. Sidewalk/Curb cut project at Annie Stevens Park-Carole
    1. Monty walks by daily
    2. Appears to have taken a break in construction
    3. Only adding about 6’, but still need The City’s permission to do a curb cut
  2. Mira Mar-Jane
    1. Jane is on the committee and is in the loop
    2. Have had a tour of the facility
  • Purple Bag-Kenda
    1. 29 families have volunteered to donate food
    2. Bag collectors: Kenda, Carole, Carol, Jane, Cheryl, Kyle, Ged (Dipprey)
    3. Becky Moffet is making the bags (sponsored and will be free to neighbors)
    4. First collection month: March
    5. First month’s recipient: Brother Bill’s on Westmoreland (West Dallas)
  1. Dash for the Beads/Mardi Gras Parade-Carole
    1. Kyle as our resource-need clarification on neighborhoods to be visited
    2. The run is virtual (on your own) between Feb 1-14
    3. The parade is on Saturday, February 13 @ 1:00 (looks like it’s only Winnetka Heights?)
  2. New Neighbors-Carol Rybarski
    1. Up to date on New Neighbor Baskets
    2. Only 2 new neighbors still need baskets
  3. Neighborhood In-Person Social Event
    1. Music: Revelers Hall band? The Lucky Pierre’s? ($350) Both?
    2. Sometime in April/May
    3. Could take the place of the New Neighbor Brunch / make a point of Inviting New Neighbors!
    4. Thoughts on how to stay safe?
    5. Location: right of way at Dr. Allison’s corner (?)
    6. Possibly a 3-hour party (use unspent Halloween budget)
  • GreenSpace
    1. What’s going on at Colorado and Plymouth at the golf course corner?
    2. Took out old plants because they were too tall. Visual hazard for cars and golf carts.
    3. Will be sprucing up the vintage sign and smaller plants.

The next Board Mtg will be February 23 @ 7:00

Respectfully submitted, Michelle Touchet.


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