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December 17, 2019

By December 19, 2019Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Kathryn Warren, Carole Somers-Clark, Carol Rybarski, Cheryl Aukeman, Ellie Hajek, Alisha Senour (and Stella!), Heather Perlowsk


Cash on hand: a little over $6700 with an outstanding expense for the PO Box renewal, about $119. Net income of around $500.

73 paying households, compared to 77 last year.

Paid $1250 for security for Halloween.

Concern: if people start requesting reimbursement, which they should, that will change the financial picture.

Alisha needs John Ellis’s email address. She’ll take care of the transition from treasurer to treasurer.

John Ellis will be approved as a new signatory on the Chase Savings and Checking Accounts for SPENA, with Michelle Stellmaker being removed and Alisha Senour staying on.

Alisha will take care of the IRS filing for 2019.

PayPal is still under Michelle Stellmaker’s name. So we might want to take care of that at some point.


Social calendar

Block party conflict with Dads’ camping trip, so we’ll back up the day and do it on May 9

Cheryl to check with Lucky Pierres

Rhea is interested in hosting the crawfish boil

Douglas and Arlen want to host a FF, perhaps in April

Greg G. interested in hosting June 2020

Membership party, Carole and Ron Somers-Clark, January 18; 7 pm

Food: getting donations from Cooper’s (Cheryl to look into that); desserts and appetizers from Board members and neighbors

Hosts take care of specialty cocktail and neighbors can BYOB

Kenda to make invitation and we’ll divide up the flyers for distribution

Shifts for welcome table

7-7:30  Kathryn

7:30-8  Ellie

8-8:30  Carol

8:30-9  Cheryl

  • Signs! Where have they gotten to?
    • Kathryn has 2: OCB and Mayflower, another at triangle
    • Kenda has 4; she will give 1 to Carol to put at host’s house and 1 to Ellie; Kenda will put hers at JC + Rhea’s house, Mayflower and Colorado
    • Ellie has 1; Kenda will give 1 to Ellie; Ellie will do her yard, OCB and Marydale
    • Carol has 2: Plymouth and Colorado, Colorado and OCB
  • Heritage Oak Cliff
    • new rep – maybe Jane Rogers –she will need to join as an individual member of HOC and then become part of both Boards. Kathryn to ask her.
    • Maybe Douglas Khlar (sp?) – one member and an alternate
  • SPENA Board 2020
    • President: Carole Somers-Clark

Vice President: Cheryl Aukeman

Treasurer: John Ellis

Secretary: Michelle Touchet

Social Chair: Carol Rybarski

Social Media Chair: Heather Perlowski

Membership Chair: Ellie Hajek

Communications Chair: Kenda North

NOCCUP Representative: Wilson Meador

Greenspace Representative: Cheryl Aukeman

Past President: Kathryn Warren

Recognition of John Ellis and Mark for winning the Ruth Chenoweth award in recognition of their work in preserving and enhancing our parks, particularly Lake Cliff (Ellie to get verbiage)

  • Announce over Constant Contact
  • Greenspace report: committees formed to clean Coombs Creek, but golf course does not have manpower to clean up the creek. Question for Chad West: will Corps of Engineers be cleaning up the creek? There is a meeting with the City scheduled to try to figure out a solution.
  • Dash for the Beads: February 22. Heather to help out with the tables—water, trash; speaker for music
  • Next meeting: January 28 (4th Tuesday)—may adjust the meeting date, dependent on board members’ schedules; Carol R. will host

Respectfully submitted,

Kathryn Warren  


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