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September 20, 2016

By October 17, 2016Meeting Minutes

Meeting location: Stevens Park Golf Course Clubhouse


Julie Helwig, President & Social Media

Michelle Stellmaker, Treasurer

Ellie Hajek, Membership & OOCCL Rep

Cheryl Freydberg, Social Chair

Kenda North, Past-President

Valerie Penn, Secretary

  1. Financials

Michelle has still not accessed the savings account. (Signers were changed on the checking account but not savings.) She hasn’t had luck on the weekends. She’ll make a trip to the bank during the week.

  1. Addresses

Decision to abandon project to fund.

Decision to pay vendor for painting the test curbs.  $150 check going to Shawn.

  1. Directory Fundraising

Reviewed submissions for business advertisements.

Still looking for assistance with graphic design or simple Photoshop.

  1. Website feedback

Working on gathering feedback, adding some pictures of the neighborhood, etc.

  1. Lighting Update

Working with Scott Griggs’ office to investigate the two dark corners.  Department of Street Services will review within the next 10-70 days to determine whether lights are needed.

If the city determines lights are needed, next steps would include discussions with neighbors and identification of funding.

  1. Social

Halloween coming up.  Need to organize the police and barricades and city.  Bryon Adinoff to take ownership.

New neighbor brunch.  Invitations went out.  Sunday Oct 2 from 11am-1pm.

Oct First Friday Oct 7th – Gonzalez Tailgating in backyard

Nov First Friday – Adinoff on Marydale

Home Tour Oct 15 & 16 – still looking for volunteers

  1. Sidewalks

Limited funding remaining to address a sidewalk issue.  Kenda to reach out to get another bid.


Next Board Meeting – Tuesday October 18th

  • Review Bylaws



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