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July 19, 2016

By July 19, 2016October 18th, 2016Meeting Minutes


  • Julie Helwig, President & Social Media
  • Kathryn Warren, Vice President
  • Michelle Stellmaker, Treasurer
  • Valerie Penn, Secretary
  • Kenda North, Past‐President
  • Ellie Hajek, Membership & OOCCL Rep
  • Cheryl Freydberg, Social Chair
  • Joanna Robben, Social Co‐Chair
  • Bryon Addinoff, Past‐President & Greenspace

1. Crescent Bishop Arts Mixed Use Proposal
Michael Blackwell of Crescent Communities presented their proposal at Zang and Davis. Focused on pedestrian, high density mixture of retail and residential including restaurants, grocery, bike shop, pet shop, fitness center, etc.. Looking to build an integrated type of space. Still going through contractual negotiations, zoning and getting overall community buy‐in. Zoning meeting is  Thursday. Spring 2018 would be earliest.

2. Financials
2015 reimbursement from OOCCL for sidewalks and pet waste stations still pending ($1k). 2016 OOCCL grant of $2050 incoming to offset the water fountain. Current estimated expenses is $9.9k against $10.6k total funds (including OOCCL grants).

3. Address discussion
Decision to use white background, black numbers with purple iris. Existing funds will be used for all addresses in the neighborhood with an option for people to provide funds to defray costs.

4. Website discussion
Decision to update website to streamline experience and minimize costing.

5. Stevens Park CD Revision Meeting First meeting was focused on city discussing the process and details surrounding revisions to the Conservation District (CD). Lively discussion around loosening up theCD, what the city is considering, etc. Next discussion meeting is Monday July 25 to come up with the major items for the city to vet. This is a two year process and we need 55‐85% of the community agreement.

6. Lighting Update
Will walk the neighborhood to determine the scope. Decision to talk to Scott Griggs office to see if this is something the city would consider. Looking at having city put lights in on dark corners.

7. Social
First Friday for August (Aug 5) confirmed at Bouchon 1314 with discounted drinks. First Fridays are booked until holiday/December. Julie or Valerie will host new member brunch. We have 16 new households. Sunday October 2nd starting 10‐11am.

8. Directory fundraising
Template is done, pricing is done. Kenda will send out the information. Plan is September or October printing.


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