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June 21, 2016

By June 21, 2016October 18th, 2016Meeting Minutes


  • Julie Helwig, President & Social Media
  • Kathryn Warren, Vice President
  • Michelle Stellmaker, Treasurer
  • Ellie Hajek, Membership & OOCCL Rep
  • Cheryl Freydberg, Social Chair
  • Wilson Meador, NOCUPP Rep
  • Bryon Addinoff, Past‐President & Greenspace
  • Kenda North, Past‐President
  • Valerie Penn, Secretary

1. Financials
The Oak Cliff Conservation League funded SPENA’s grant request for installing one water fountain in Annie Stevens Park and one on the Coombs Creek Trail Extension in cooperation with West Kessler Neighborhood Association and Greenspace. The League did not fund SPENA’s request for new curb numbers. SPENA’s request for Grow South’s funds for neighborhood projects was not  funded.

2. Website discussion
Still discussing. Focused on key functionality and balanced with costs. Valerie will reach out to Oxbow Labs for a second opinion and estimate.

3. Address discussion
Decision to get addition bid and look at alternative color. Next board meeting review funding and opt in/opt out. Bryon will contact Dallas Curb Painting for second estimate and paint discussion.

4. Stevens Park CD Revision Meeting
Kenda reported that a committee of neighbors has been working on revisions to the current Conservation District language to ease restrictions on window replacement. The City was notified of the intent and the formation of the ad‐hoc committee. The City arranged for an initial meeting to discuss this at the Stevens Park Golfcourse Clubhouse on Monday evening July 11th. All SPENA residents will receive notice by mail.

5. Lighting Update
Decision to talk to Scott Griggs office to see if this is something the city would consider. Looking at having city put lights in on dark corners. Julie will lead as Ron Somers‐Clark does not have the time.

6. Social
No July First Friday. August is tentatively at Bouchon 1314.

7. Directory fundraising
Kenda to lead out and help go out and get some ads. Template is done, pricing is done. Need to get information on new neighbors. Plan is September or October printing.


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