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March 15, 2016

By March 16, 2016October 18th, 2016Meeting Minutes


  • Julie Helwig, President & Social Media
  • Kathryn Warren, Vice President
  • Ellie Hajek, Membership & OOCCL Rep
  • Bryon Adinoff, Past‐President & Greenspace

Agenda Topic 1: Annual Meeting

Shooting for a Thursday in May. Julie reached out to Jim Henderson at Stevens Park Golf Course to inquire about availability. (Turner House would be the suggested back‐up if we can’t get the Golf Course.) Julie will reach out to Scott Griggs’ office for availability as well as Michael Blackwell at Crescent Communities. (Davis/Zang development.) Potentially a 3rd speaker? We’d like Wilson to make a 5 minute plug for NOCUPP during the meeting.

  • Julie spoke with Steven in Scott’s office on Wed 3/16. Scott is available Thurs May 5th.
  • The golf course is not available May 5th. Turner House is available.
  • Julie sent a note to Michael Blackwell on Wed 3/16 asking for his availability the 5th as well.

Agenda Topic 2: Social

  • Bouchon 1314 was a hit. We would definitely repeat having First Friday at a local restaurant/bar in lieu of a neighborhood home. August? We’ll need a spot with good AC!
  • Kathryn mentioned that she thinks a First Friday at Chicken Scratch would be great, weather permitting. With April and May First Fridays taken, the conversation turned to doing a kid friendly extra happy hour there in April or May. She is going to consider a “family focused” late Sunday afternoon at Chicken Scratch in lieu of re‐trying Second Saturdays. A Sunday afternoon might be easier for people’s schedules. Saturdays are always so busy with activities (ie birthday parties and sports) April 10th is Earth Day at Lake Cliff Park so it would not be that day.
  • Easter – Kathryn has the eggs ordered. She needs to fill them! Candy due to her doorstep by Friday March 25th.
  • Block Party – Our small group suggested May 14th or 21st.
  • Follow‐up: Cheryl is out of town those days. She suggested April 30th or May 7th. (May 7th was not preferred by our small group due to Mother’s Day on the 8th.) Do we want to do the Block Party in the Spring again or punt until Fall?

Agenda Topic 3: Old Oak Cliff Grant – April 16th, due May 27th

It’s Ellie’s feeling that we could get a bigger grant if our request was for the community at large in lieu of our neighborhood alone (sidewalks). We’ve talked about a water fountain at Annie Stevens Park before. Annie Stevens Park serves a greater population than Stevens Park Estates. We (Ellie, Bryon, Kathryn and Julie) recommend submitting our grant for the water fountain. Ellie has chatted with the West Kessler rep and they indicated that they’d like to see a water fountain there as well. Ellie is going to circle back to West Kessler and inquire if they would be interested in submitting their grant for the water fountain as well. The water fountain could be as much as $10,000. In order to make it happen, we’d probably need our grant and West Kessler’s as well as the Grow South Grant in conjunction with Greenspace. If there is money remaining, a free library (also for the community at large) could be considered.

We talked about addresses … Bryon talked to the guy that did the West Kessler addresses. It’s $13 per address for more than 50. Addresses are worth pursuing but via a different route than grant money (ie: a fundraiser or a SPENA/homeowner shared cost). The homeowner would need to opt in to the new address. Design and more importantly, color, would need to be agreed upon prior to implementation. Sidewalks … No one is begging us to do sidewalks right now. We’d like to take a break from that endeavor.

Agenda Topic 4: Ellie Updates

  • Sidewalks – Discussion at/regarding Neil’s corner upcoming.
  • Pet Waste Stations – They are ordered. Should be installed by the end of March. Re‐thinkinglocation for 3rd waste station. It was targeted for the loop near Plymouth/Hampton but it does not seem like an area with much traffic. Corner of Colorado and Plymouth is probably a better spot.

Agenda Topic 5: Lighting Update

Ron Summers‐Clark reported that all lights on the south side of Colorado between Plymouth and Kessler Pkwy, including in the little park area, are all working. He will start through the rest of the neighborhood to the identified dark areas. He will talk to homeowners about new light installation. He’s in contact with Scott Griggs’ office and understands the procedures to work on a resolution.

Agenda Topic 6: Re‐branding and logo
Shawn Johnson, a West Kessler resident, has re‐designed their website and newsletter. It looks great. Out of curiosity, Ellie is going to reach out to Shawn to inquire about pricing for an overhaul of our website/material. A continual topic of discussion …

Agenda Topic 7: Dallas Homeowners Association

Bryon sent an e‐mail to Eloy. Eloy sent a message to the new President and we never heard back.

Kathryn volunteered to be our rep months ago. She’s no longer dying to do it, and they don’t seem like they are dying to have us. We’ll re‐address if they re‐surface.
Agenda Topic 8: April Meeting

Julie needs to move the April meeting to Monday April 18th in lieu of Tuesday April 19th. This was ok by Kathryn, Ellie and Bryon. Follow‐up: The 18th does not work for Cheryl and Michelle. With no further business to discuss, the meeting ended.


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