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October 2019

September 24, 2019

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Attendees: Kathryn Warren, President; Carol Rybarski, Social Chair Michelle Touchet, Secretary; Kenda North, Past-President and Communications; Ellie Hajek, Heritage Oak Cliff Rep; Heather Perlowski (new Old Orchard resident)

  1. Treasurer’s Report, Senour sent report via email
    1. No new memberships, Total as of today 67
    1. SPE grant check cleared ($700)
    1. Current balance ~$1500
  2. Nominee Ideas for 2020 Board
    1. Nathan Cox for Treasurer—Kenda spoke with him @ a cocktail party and “he didn’t run.”
    1. Kat Davenport for Social Media
    1. Pittengers are not interested at this time
    1. Michelle to ask Rhea
  3. Neighborhood Association 101
    1. Doing things nice for the neighborhood
    1. Doing things nice for the greater community
  4. Octoberfest (October 4)
    1. Location: 1800 and 1802 front yards
    1. Middlebrook neighbors are invited
    1. Semi-BYOB
    1. Needs 3 6’ tables (Cheryl, Michelle)
    1. Yard Lights (Michelle), Twinkle lights (Cheryl R., Kenda)
    1. Folding Chairs (bring them over Thursday prior)
    1. Food
      1. Carmelized onions, sauerkraut, brats (Cheryl R.)
      1. Weenies, buns, and brats (Ellie)
      1. Potato something (Kenda)
      1. Dessert (Kathryn)
      1. Something German/Polish (Heather)
      1. Pretzels and mustard (Michelle)
  5. New Neighbor Brunch, October 13
    1. 11:00-1:00 pm
    1. Cheryl Auckman’s house
    1. Cheryl A. (egg casserole), Ellie (cinnamon rolls), Kathryn (bacon), and Cheryl R (whatever) will bring food
  6. Talk to Chad about possible future of Christian Science church
  7. VII.         Halloween
    1. Dues to pay for police patrol (Lindsey Patterson to take care of ordering this)
  8. Operation Beautification, November 2
    1. Park clean up (right after Halloween)
    1. Kathryn to register our neighborhood
    1. City to provide trash bags, grippers, and trees

The next Board Mtg will be October 22 at Michelle Touchet’s House, 1909 Old Orchard Dr.

Respectfully submitted, Michelle Touchet.

August 27, 2019

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SPENA Meeting Minutes 8/27/19

Present:  Carole Somers-Clark; Alicia; Cheryl Aukeman; Carol Rybarski; Ellie Hajek; Kathryn Warren; Kenda North

Discussion:  Kenda’s suggestion for a paragraph for how to question something with the CD ordinance; it was edited and will be published.

Ged Dipprey asked about inviting Middlebrook community to our First Friday; Kathryn asked if they would need to join First Friday and be on our mailing list.  To do:  is there a contact person for the Neighborhood; can he facilitate.

Discussion on Kessler Townhomes between Hampton and the new development at Fort Worth Ave.  Decided it was not in SPENA and not in our interest. The developer asked us for input; Kathryn and Carole thought that they architecture did not match our neighborhood.  Ellie commented that is a ‘single mass’, seems too large for the lot. 

New Neighbor Brunch-

Discussed new neighbors; trying to find addresses. 

Combined our listed addressed.

Pickett’s put their house on the market; many offers. 

New Neighbor Brunch:

October 13th  Sunday

Mail Invites:

Sept 30th  11:00

Oktoberfest:  October 4th

Ellie’s front yard

And neighbor

Looking for contributions; need food for kids. 

Bring your favorite beer.

INVITATION children encouraged.

June 25, 2019

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Attendees: Kathryn Warren, President; Erik & Christine Kulstad, Vice President; Michelle Touchet, Secretary; Cheryl Aukeman, Greenspace Rep; Kenda North, Past-President and Communications

  1. Treasurer’s Report, Senour sent report via email
    1. Peggy and Brett interested in joining SPENA
      1. Are the interested in joining the board, too? Ask Alisha
  2. Nominee Ideas for 2020 Board, Warren
    1. Alisha does not want to run for treasurer again
    1. Nathan Cox for Treasurer
    1. Kat Davenport for Social Media
    1. Frank Pittenger for Secretary (co-office holders with Michelle/wife)
  3. Mess on Colorado
    1. City? Park Dept? Water?
    1. Ruined the ‘park’ area
    1. How can we get that creek area cleaned up?
    1. Neighborhood group trying to pull together a cleanup crew (Cheryl to investigate)
  4. Methodist Hospital, Warren
    1. Fitness center to be in a NO BUILD zone
    1. Methodist to sell hospital? Petition?—bd decision-not on spena site
  5. Social Chair Report, Rybarski via Warren
    1. Checks from HOC in support of events
      1. Cinco de Mayo
      1. Equipment at Stevens Park Elementary
    1. Ged Dipprey to host August First Friday
  6. Fundraiser, Aukeman
    1. GOAL: have them for membership mtg 1/2020
    1. Order by September
    1. Bags $3/cost
    1. Goal to sell 500
    1. Kayli to help design, open to a broad audience (not exclusively SP)

The next Board Mtg will be July 23 at a location TBD.

Respectfully submitted, Michelle Touchet.