Reporting Crimes in SPENA – Call 9-1-1,  not 3-1-1

The Dallas Police Department’s Southwest Patrol division (which patrols SPENA) has asked us to report ANY crime-related incidents, even if they are not truly emergencies, to 9-1-1. The police department allocates its officers and patrols based on the number and type of calls received. The more calls we have, the greater our police presence will be. According to the DPD, the city’s non-emergency 3-1-1 number should be used only for “quality of life” issues, such as high weeds or an abandoned car. So, please call 9-1-1 to report any crime-related incidents you may have, even if the crime has already occurred and you think the police can’t do much about it. Then, call the crimeline so we can get timely information out to neighbors, observe patterns, etc.
This website will give you lots of information on how to send crime tips from the web or your mobile phone anytime, anywhere and anonymously.  After you download the free App, you will be able to report suspicious behaviors and activities directly to the Dallas Police Department.  You can also call 214-671-4847.

Resources for More Information on Crime in Our Area

First, many of these resources will be most useful if you know your “beat number” and “reporting area” (which is a subdivision of the beat number). SPENA’s police beat number is 413. Our reporting areas are 4088 and 4395. If you live south of Colorado, your reporting area is 4088. If you live north of Colorado, it is 4395.

The North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol was founded in 2007 and now includes 11 neighborhoods.  NOCUPP is an entirely member-supported non-profit organization which provides private police patrol service in North Oak Cliff.  Membership dues pay for the off duty Dallas police officers and the leased Dallas police car. :

  • The DPD maintains a public access website where you can search for detailed information about a particular incident, or for a list of incidents within a particular date range in your reporting area or for the entire beat. Click on the link for “public access.”
  • There is also a new link for “active calls.” That site is updated every few minutes, and it will tell you the 911 calls that are out for service by the police.
  • There is also a link where you can search for registered sex offenders in our area.
  • There is contact information for the Operation ID program. The Operation Identification program encourages citizens to use an electronic engraving pen to mark valuable property with your Texas Drivers’ License number. Engravings should be in a place which can be observed without taking the property apart. In case of theft, the property can be readily identified and returned to its owners. Property owners should also record the serial numbers of valuable property and keep a list of serial numbers with your other important papers. You may borrow an engraving pen at the DPD’s Southwest Patrol Division between the hours of 8a and 4p, Monday thru Friday. The Southwest Patrol Division is located at 4230 W. Illinois Ave. Once you return the pen to the police station, you will be given Operation ID stickers to place on doors and windows You can get an application to obtain/renew your residential security alarm permits. Under the Dallas City Code, the police may refuse police response to any alarm notification from an alarm site that does not have a valid, up to date alarm permit. An alarm permit cannot be transferred to another person or a different address. The current fee for a residential alarm permit is $50 per year.
  • You can get information about the HEAT program and fill out an online application. The HEAT program, which stands for Help End Auto Theft, is a voluntary state-wide vehicle registration program. Decals are place on registered cars which alert police that the owner does not normally use the car between 1 am and 5 am. If the car is being driven during these hours, police may legally stop the car and question the driver. You can also register for the HEAT program at the Southwest Patrol Division, 4230 W. Illinois Ave., Monday thru Friday from 8 to 4.