March 21, 2017

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Location: Julie Helwig’s House

Attendees: Julie Helwig, President; Kenda North, Past President; Cheryl Freydberg, Social; Ellie Hajek, Membership & OOCCL; Wilson Meador, NOCCUP Representative, Michelle Stellmaker, Acting Secretary & Treasurer; Michelle Touchet, Non-acting Secretary

Absent: Kathryn Warren, Vice President; Bryon, Greenspace Representative; Carole Somers-Clark, OOCCL Representative

I. Financials

  • Currently 41 members
  • Need to continue to work on savings account access
  • Current balance: checking: $3,262.86; savings: $5,007.67

II. Social

  • Sat April 1 – Garage sale—SPENA to provide signs only due to low responses for participation (i.e. no print advertising)

o   Currently only 3 addresses have committed

  • Sat April 8 – Crawfish Boil NOTE: first Saturday this month

o   Crawfish boil @ JC and Rhea’s (corner of Old Orchard and North Oak Cliff Blvd)

o   BYOB

o   5:00 pm

  • Sun April 16 – Easter Egg Hunt
  • Sat April 22 – It’s My Park Day

o   City to provide dog waste bags, trash bags, maybe pincer picker-uppers

o   Bring your gloves!

o    Inviting West Kessler to both teh Easter Egg Hunt and It’s My Park Day due to proximity—and they are helping to pay for the water fountain that should be installed soon

  • Fri May 5 – First Friday (as yet to be confirmed)
  • Sat May 13 – Block Party

o   Annie Stevens Park

o   Lucky Pierres confirmed to perform

o   The Hamburger Man will be providing meals for $5/person (SPENA to pick up the overage)

o   Need tables, chairs, bounce house vendor

*ABC Party

*Todo Para tu Pachanga

o   Beverages

*Michelle to bring some wine and beer

*Julie to bring non-alcoholic (water/lemonade)

o   Other features

*Face painting

*Fire truck

*Dallas City Hall on the Go Van

III.    Old Oak Cliff Symposium Take-Aways (Julie attended)

o   STP-Same ten people—we need to implement a strategy to draw more of our neighbors into active participation (step by step)

*Personally invite neighbors to events

*Walk new neighbors to events

*The use of block captains was tabled. This has been tried in the past with little success

*Refer to the $40/household as a donation to SPENA (rather than dues). This is a tax deductible expense

o   Will work on a grant from the OOCCL, Kathryn & Ellie

*Beneficiary: Stevens Park Elementary

*Principal to provide SPENA with a wish list by Friday, 3/31/17

o   New OOCCL Representative: Carole Somers-Clark (Yay, Carole!!)

IV. By-laws

o   Michelle converted them from PDF to Word

o   Still needs some cleaning up

o   Once this is done, we will need to review and revise


The next meeting will be held at the Stevens Park Golf Course Clubhouse on Tuesday, April 18 at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Touchet

February 23, 2017

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SPENA Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

February 23, 2017



Board Members Present Julie Helwig, President; Kathryn Warren, Vice President; Michelle Stellmaker, Acting Secretary; Kenda North, Past President; Cheryl Freydberg, Social; Ellie Hajek, Membership & OOCCL; Bryon Adinoff, North Oak Cliff Greenspace; Michelle Touchet


Action Items Summary:

Action Responsible Due Date
Financials: Increase paid memberships via directory distribution all ongoing
Financials: Tweak membership application Ellie before March 6
Financials: Ask Green Space about water fountains Bryon next Green Space mtg
Financials: Ask city about fountains Ellie ASAP
Directory: Print out 250 membership applications Michelle March 6
Social: Place signs RE: neighborhood event Kenda March 2
Social:  Provide Cheese and Chutney platter Cheryl, Kenda March 3 (FF)
Social: Ask Mike & Saul if they can host another month Cheryl By March 21
By-Laws: Create draft version of current by-laws Julie March 21


Opening:  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.  Michelle Stellmaker will be acting as the Secretary for this Board meeting. The meeting was conducted in-person at the Helwig residence, 1826 Marydale.


Financials: (Michelle S.)

  • Brian VanderMolen has been taken off the SPENA Savings Account.
  • Michelle Stellmaker will be responsible for going to the bank to conduct business.
  • Membership-currently at 37 paid memberships; lower than this point last year; membership party was lightly attended this year
  • Confirmed sidewalk and pet waste stations reimbursement from OOCCL (Grant)
  • Still no word on the status of the water fountains
  • Will provide membership applications (half-sheet format) with delivered directories
  • Action Item: Ellie will tweak the membership application
  • Action Item: Increase paid memberships (via directory distribution)
  • Action Item: Bryan will ask about water fountains at next Green Space meeting
  • Action Item: Ellie will ask the city about water fountains



  • 24 of the directories have been printed; the rest of the directories will be printed by Monday (2.27)
  • Cheryl will be out of town, so we’ll distribute the directories the week of March 6
  • Volunteers to deliver: Pittengers (Old Orchard); Nicholsons; Rybarski
  • Action Item: Michelle to print out 250 membership applications to go with the directory distribution


Dash for the Beads: (Julie)

  • Need volunteers to staff our water station at the corner of Colorado and Plymouth
  • Dash will provide Gatorade; Rob Lee will provide tables; Michelle Touchet will provide large igloo beverage dispenser


Social: (Cheryl)

  • First Fridays are experiencing lower attendance (may be due to new families with young children?)
  • Focusing on more ‘family’ events to include more neighbors
  • March First Friday (March 3); Host: Meredith Petree (Marydale)
  • April Events

o       Garage sale-promote via Facebook, Constant Contact; remind individuals they must be permitted (free online application:

o       Corner Crawl-JC & Rhea Allen and Melissa & Tom Jordan and other house?; details TBD

o       Easter Egg Hunt (Toddler Park, April 16, 9:00); Kathryn to coordinate candy and eggs (donations accepted at 2037 Mayflower)

o       It’s My Park Day April 22

  • May Events

o       Block Party (Date pending)

▪        Lucky Pierres to perform (Pittengers, Old Orchard)

▪        Hire Mr. Hamburger at $11 per person (all inclusive – burgers, condiments, sides)

▪        SPENA to cover $6, Neighbor to pay $5 per person (Still to be confirmed)

▪        Possibly ask a select group to bring desserts

▪        Mike and Saul have volunteered to host First Friday in May,

  • Action Item: Place signs RE: neighborhood event week of Feb 27
  • Action Item: Cheryl and Kenda to provide Cheese and Chutney platter for First Friday. Michelle S, Ellie and Julie will chip in something as well.


By-Laws (Julie)

  • Need an electronic ‘working document’ of current by-laws so we can rearrange/edit
  • Action Item: Julie to working on Draft version of current by-laws. Michelle offered to see if PDF can be converted.


OOCL Rep: (Ellie)

  • Need to recruit a SPENA neighbor to join OOCCL to report and vote SPENA’s interests
  • Position is manageable, clearly defined
  • OOCCL is a well-established organization with many participating interested parties


Conservation District Update (Kenda and Michelle)

  • Petitions have been acquired for each homeowner/household
  • 53% of listed owners must sign their purple petition forms in order to move forward with any discussions with The City
  • Purple petition forms were discussed with and given to present board members

New Topics:

  • OOCCL grant application for this year (Ellie); potential partners include: Stevens Park Elem, Kahn Elem, or Lida Hooe Elem; additional partner would help leverage money and make bigger contribution to the community
  • Green Space (Bryon)- Will a donation to this group be on the budget again this year? Answer: Depends on the number of paid members we get; If so, we will give donation during the Green Space Golf Tournament (SPENA sponsor flag on the course)


Closing:   The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm


Next Meeting:  Tuesday, March 21, 7:00 pm



January 17, 2017

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January 17, 2017

SPENA Board Meeting Minutes

Location: Helwig House – 1826 Marydale

Attendees:          Kenda North, Past President

                              Julie Helwig, President

                              Kathryn Warren, Vice President

                              Michelle Stellmaker, Secretary

                              Ellie Hajek, OOCCL Rep & Membership

                              Bryon Adinoff, Greenspace

       I.          Financials

a.      Sidewalk reimbursements – Ellie said Michelle’s spreadsheet is sufficient. Michelle will send to OOCCL.

b.      Savings account access – Still pending

c.      Milner Family donation – $200 from SPENA to Fundme page approved.  Michelle will go online & pay.  We will have a bowl for additional donations at the Membership Party.

d.      Nothing on the water fountain front.

      II.          Logo

a.      Facebook – Logo changed

b.      Website – Logo changed. Background changed to white as JH didn’t like the orange. The website still needs work but much better.

    III.          Membership Party

a.      Invitations door to door – People have their street assignments

b.      Square payment ability will be at the party – Kenda will mention in Constant Contact

c.      Website payment encouragement – Kenda will mention in Constant Contact

d.      Food – Desserts or apps will be contributed from the Board as well as neighbors. Ellie thought Cheryl had secured food donations from Bolsa Mercado. JH will confirm with Cheryl.  

1.      Nametags – Julie

2.      Wine & Beer – Michelle

3.      Nominating Committee announcement at the party – Wilson will present the Board

4.      Membership Table – Sign -up sheet complete.

5.      Bartender duties? Cheryl do we need a bartender/have a bartender?

6.      First Friday sign-up sheet

7.      Signature drink?

    IV.          Spam

a.      Sent a note to Dreamhost – they do not see that we got hacked. Ged was the only one with this concern. The rest of the Board does not believe they are getting spam.

b.      JH can’t figure out how to log in to webmail. JH will figure out at some point. Not urgent.

     V.          Directory

a.      Kenda is plugging away

b.      Directory will be passed out door to door.  We are not giving them out at the party.


Next Board meeting Tuesday Feb 21st.



November 22, 2016

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Meeting location:         Helwig Residence


Julie Helwig, President & Social Media

Michelle Stellmaker, Treasurer

Ellie Hajek, Membership & OOCCL Rep

Valerie Penn, Secretary

Chad West, 2017 Dash for Beads

  1. 2017 Dash for the Beads

8th Annual Good Space Dash for the Beads will be Feb 25th.  This year a 10K will be included with the 5K and 1 Mile walk.  100% charitable – proceeds go to local schools focused on health and wellness.  Volunteers are encouraged and welcome as well.

Sign up in at

  1. Financials

Current financials has ~$5k in savings and ~$800 in checking.  Need to access savings account because the account is considered inactive.  Bank requiring in person changes.

  1. Directory Fundraising

Will deliver the directories out.  Additional ads welcome.  Michelle can translate data to Excel.  .

  1. Social

December First Friday – Carol and Joe R at 1935 Colorado

  1. New Neighbor participation

There will be openings on the Board and want to assign a nominating committee to move forward on communicating and gathering names for new Board.

  1. Sidewalks

Need to identify sidewalk to replace as part of the process to finish out our grant.


Next Board Meeting – Tuesday Dec 20th

  • Review Bylaws

September 20, 2016

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Meeting location: Stevens Park Golf Course Clubhouse


Julie Helwig, President & Social Media

Michelle Stellmaker, Treasurer

Ellie Hajek, Membership & OOCCL Rep

Cheryl Freydberg, Social Chair

Kenda North, Past-President

Valerie Penn, Secretary

  1. Financials

Michelle has still not accessed the savings account. (Signers were changed on the checking account but not savings.) She hasn’t had luck on the weekends. She’ll make a trip to the bank during the week.

  1. Addresses

Decision to abandon project to fund.

Decision to pay vendor for painting the test curbs.  $150 check going to Shawn.

  1. Directory Fundraising

Reviewed submissions for business advertisements.

Still looking for assistance with graphic design or simple Photoshop.

  1. Website feedback

Working on gathering feedback, adding some pictures of the neighborhood, etc.

  1. Lighting Update

Working with Scott Griggs’ office to investigate the two dark corners.  Department of Street Services will review within the next 10-70 days to determine whether lights are needed.

If the city determines lights are needed, next steps would include discussions with neighbors and identification of funding.

  1. Social

Halloween coming up.  Need to organize the police and barricades and city.  Bryon Adinoff to take ownership.

New neighbor brunch.  Invitations went out.  Sunday Oct 2 from 11am-1pm.

Oct First Friday Oct 7th – Gonzalez Tailgating in backyard

Nov First Friday – Adinoff on Marydale

Home Tour Oct 15 & 16 – still looking for volunteers

  1. Sidewalks

Limited funding remaining to address a sidewalk issue.  Kenda to reach out to get another bid.


Next Board Meeting – Tuesday October 18th

  • Review Bylaws


August 16, 2016

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  • Julie Helwig, President
  • Michelle Stellmaker, Treasurer
  • Kenda North, Past President
  • Cheryl Freydberg, Social
  • Ellie Hajek, Membership
  • Bryon Adinoff, Greenspace Rep
  • Wilson Meador, NOCOPP Rep

I. Financials
a. Checking balance = $2387.01
b. Savings balance = $5007.34
c. Total balance = $7394.35
d. Deposit for website recently sent = $811.88. total bill = $1623.75

II. Directory
a. We are at the starting line. Kenda is the lead for the project
b. Kenda passed out a spreadsheet for us to indicate who we will speak with to purchase ads for the directory. Hoping to print in Oct.
c. Message has been sent to neighbors via Nextdoor to update their directory info if it has changed.
d. Kenda and Ellie comparing notes for existing directory list.

III. Ellie Updates
a. OOCCL Home Tour Oct 15 and 16 – Seeking volunteers for 303 N. Willomet
b. New resident baskets – Project is bigger than anticipated. Lots of new neighbors! Will include Tom Thumb number on the Resource page. Other neighborhood associations are getting decent Tom Thumb rewards annually.
c. Annie Stevens Water Fountain – Ellie a bit out of the loop. She thought Kurt and Bob were meeting this week. We expect to be billed in Sept. TBD on timing of the fountain.

IV. Website update
a. Julie spoke with Vicky last week. She is getting to work. She expected it to take a couple of weeks to send us a new look for revisions

V. Kenda – Stevens Park CD Revision Meeting
a. Nothing meaningful to report from July 25th meeting (neighbors only not the city)
b. Expect notification from the city soon for another meeting. This is a SLOW process.

VI. Lighting Update
a. Julie and Bryon walked the neighborhood. We used Ellie’s spreadsheet as a guide. Good news – all of our existing lights are working. We (Ellie’s spreadsheet along with our walk) identified a couple of corners that currently do not have lights. E‐mail pending to Scott Griggs’ office to ask about lighting on those corners. It should be noted that Ellie had a couple of corners on her  spreadsheet (Marydale & Hampton, Mayflower & Hampton and Old Orchard & Hampton) that we thought were sufficient.

VII. Social
a. September – Confirmed for Sept with JC and Rhea Allen
b. New Member Brunch – Oct 2nd. Invitations will go out mid‐Sept. Cheryl will work on invite.

VIII. Addresses
a. Further research in the works regarding the quality/longevity of Dallas Curb Painting’s work.

July 19, 2016

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  • Julie Helwig, President & Social Media
  • Kathryn Warren, Vice President
  • Michelle Stellmaker, Treasurer
  • Valerie Penn, Secretary
  • Kenda North, Past‐President
  • Ellie Hajek, Membership & OOCCL Rep
  • Cheryl Freydberg, Social Chair
  • Joanna Robben, Social Co‐Chair
  • Bryon Addinoff, Past‐President & Greenspace

1. Crescent Bishop Arts Mixed Use Proposal
Michael Blackwell of Crescent Communities presented their proposal at Zang and Davis. Focused on pedestrian, high density mixture of retail and residential including restaurants, grocery, bike shop, pet shop, fitness center, etc.. Looking to build an integrated type of space. Still going through contractual negotiations, zoning and getting overall community buy‐in. Zoning meeting is  Thursday. Spring 2018 would be earliest.

2. Financials
2015 reimbursement from OOCCL for sidewalks and pet waste stations still pending ($1k). 2016 OOCCL grant of $2050 incoming to offset the water fountain. Current estimated expenses is $9.9k against $10.6k total funds (including OOCCL grants).

3. Address discussion
Decision to use white background, black numbers with purple iris. Existing funds will be used for all addresses in the neighborhood with an option for people to provide funds to defray costs.

4. Website discussion
Decision to update website to streamline experience and minimize costing.

5. Stevens Park CD Revision Meeting First meeting was focused on city discussing the process and details surrounding revisions to the Conservation District (CD). Lively discussion around loosening up theCD, what the city is considering, etc. Next discussion meeting is Monday July 25 to come up with the major items for the city to vet. This is a two year process and we need 55‐85% of the community agreement.

6. Lighting Update
Will walk the neighborhood to determine the scope. Decision to talk to Scott Griggs office to see if this is something the city would consider. Looking at having city put lights in on dark corners.

7. Social
First Friday for August (Aug 5) confirmed at Bouchon 1314 with discounted drinks. First Fridays are booked until holiday/December. Julie or Valerie will host new member brunch. We have 16 new households. Sunday October 2nd starting 10‐11am.

8. Directory fundraising
Template is done, pricing is done. Kenda will send out the information. Plan is September or October printing.

June 21, 2016

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  • Julie Helwig, President & Social Media
  • Kathryn Warren, Vice President
  • Michelle Stellmaker, Treasurer
  • Ellie Hajek, Membership & OOCCL Rep
  • Cheryl Freydberg, Social Chair
  • Wilson Meador, NOCUPP Rep
  • Bryon Addinoff, Past‐President & Greenspace
  • Kenda North, Past‐President
  • Valerie Penn, Secretary

1. Financials
The Oak Cliff Conservation League funded SPENA’s grant request for installing one water fountain in Annie Stevens Park and one on the Coombs Creek Trail Extension in cooperation with West Kessler Neighborhood Association and Greenspace. The League did not fund SPENA’s request for new curb numbers. SPENA’s request for Grow South’s funds for neighborhood projects was not  funded.

2. Website discussion
Still discussing. Focused on key functionality and balanced with costs. Valerie will reach out to Oxbow Labs for a second opinion and estimate.

3. Address discussion
Decision to get addition bid and look at alternative color. Next board meeting review funding and opt in/opt out. Bryon will contact Dallas Curb Painting for second estimate and paint discussion.

4. Stevens Park CD Revision Meeting
Kenda reported that a committee of neighbors has been working on revisions to the current Conservation District language to ease restrictions on window replacement. The City was notified of the intent and the formation of the ad‐hoc committee. The City arranged for an initial meeting to discuss this at the Stevens Park Golfcourse Clubhouse on Monday evening July 11th. All SPENA residents will receive notice by mail.

5. Lighting Update
Decision to talk to Scott Griggs office to see if this is something the city would consider. Looking at having city put lights in on dark corners. Julie will lead as Ron Somers‐Clark does not have the time.

6. Social
No July First Friday. August is tentatively at Bouchon 1314.

7. Directory fundraising
Kenda to lead out and help go out and get some ads. Template is done, pricing is done. Need to get information on new neighbors. Plan is September or October printing.

March 15, 2016

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  • Julie Helwig, President & Social Media
  • Kathryn Warren, Vice President
  • Ellie Hajek, Membership & OOCCL Rep
  • Bryon Adinoff, Past‐President & Greenspace

Agenda Topic 1: Annual Meeting

Shooting for a Thursday in May. Julie reached out to Jim Henderson at Stevens Park Golf Course to inquire about availability. (Turner House would be the suggested back‐up if we can’t get the Golf Course.) Julie will reach out to Scott Griggs’ office for availability as well as Michael Blackwell at Crescent Communities. (Davis/Zang development.) Potentially a 3rd speaker? We’d like Wilson to make a 5 minute plug for NOCUPP during the meeting.

  • Julie spoke with Steven in Scott’s office on Wed 3/16. Scott is available Thurs May 5th.
  • The golf course is not available May 5th. Turner House is available.
  • Julie sent a note to Michael Blackwell on Wed 3/16 asking for his availability the 5th as well.

Agenda Topic 2: Social

  • Bouchon 1314 was a hit. We would definitely repeat having First Friday at a local restaurant/bar in lieu of a neighborhood home. August? We’ll need a spot with good AC!
  • Kathryn mentioned that she thinks a First Friday at Chicken Scratch would be great, weather permitting. With April and May First Fridays taken, the conversation turned to doing a kid friendly extra happy hour there in April or May. She is going to consider a “family focused” late Sunday afternoon at Chicken Scratch in lieu of re‐trying Second Saturdays. A Sunday afternoon might be easier for people’s schedules. Saturdays are always so busy with activities (ie birthday parties and sports) April 10th is Earth Day at Lake Cliff Park so it would not be that day.
  • Easter – Kathryn has the eggs ordered. She needs to fill them! Candy due to her doorstep by Friday March 25th.
  • Block Party – Our small group suggested May 14th or 21st.
  • Follow‐up: Cheryl is out of town those days. She suggested April 30th or May 7th. (May 7th was not preferred by our small group due to Mother’s Day on the 8th.) Do we want to do the Block Party in the Spring again or punt until Fall?

Agenda Topic 3: Old Oak Cliff Grant – April 16th, due May 27th

It’s Ellie’s feeling that we could get a bigger grant if our request was for the community at large in lieu of our neighborhood alone (sidewalks). We’ve talked about a water fountain at Annie Stevens Park before. Annie Stevens Park serves a greater population than Stevens Park Estates. We (Ellie, Bryon, Kathryn and Julie) recommend submitting our grant for the water fountain. Ellie has chatted with the West Kessler rep and they indicated that they’d like to see a water fountain there as well. Ellie is going to circle back to West Kessler and inquire if they would be interested in submitting their grant for the water fountain as well. The water fountain could be as much as $10,000. In order to make it happen, we’d probably need our grant and West Kessler’s as well as the Grow South Grant in conjunction with Greenspace. If there is money remaining, a free library (also for the community at large) could be considered.

We talked about addresses … Bryon talked to the guy that did the West Kessler addresses. It’s $13 per address for more than 50. Addresses are worth pursuing but via a different route than grant money (ie: a fundraiser or a SPENA/homeowner shared cost). The homeowner would need to opt in to the new address. Design and more importantly, color, would need to be agreed upon prior to implementation. Sidewalks … No one is begging us to do sidewalks right now. We’d like to take a break from that endeavor.

Agenda Topic 4: Ellie Updates

  • Sidewalks – Discussion at/regarding Neil’s corner upcoming.
  • Pet Waste Stations – They are ordered. Should be installed by the end of March. Re‐thinkinglocation for 3rd waste station. It was targeted for the loop near Plymouth/Hampton but it does not seem like an area with much traffic. Corner of Colorado and Plymouth is probably a better spot.

Agenda Topic 5: Lighting Update

Ron Summers‐Clark reported that all lights on the south side of Colorado between Plymouth and Kessler Pkwy, including in the little park area, are all working. He will start through the rest of the neighborhood to the identified dark areas. He will talk to homeowners about new light installation. He’s in contact with Scott Griggs’ office and understands the procedures to work on a resolution.

Agenda Topic 6: Re‐branding and logo
Shawn Johnson, a West Kessler resident, has re‐designed their website and newsletter. It looks great. Out of curiosity, Ellie is going to reach out to Shawn to inquire about pricing for an overhaul of our website/material. A continual topic of discussion …

Agenda Topic 7: Dallas Homeowners Association

Bryon sent an e‐mail to Eloy. Eloy sent a message to the new President and we never heard back.

Kathryn volunteered to be our rep months ago. She’s no longer dying to do it, and they don’t seem like they are dying to have us. We’ll re‐address if they re‐surface.
Agenda Topic 8: April Meeting

Julie needs to move the April meeting to Monday April 18th in lieu of Tuesday April 19th. This was ok by Kathryn, Ellie and Bryon. Follow‐up: The 18th does not work for Cheryl and Michelle. With no further business to discuss, the meeting ended.