May 26, 2020

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Attendees: Carole Somers-Clark, President; Kathryn Warren, Past-President; Heather Perlowski, Social Media; Carol Rybarski, Social Chair; Jane Rogers, HOC Rep; Kenda North, Communications; Cheryl Aukeman, Vice-President and Greenspace Rep; John Ellis, Treasurer; and Michelle Touchet, Secretary

  1. Treasurer’s Report-John
    1. Financial Report/Funding
      1. 2 new dues payments (58/206 homes joined)
      1. Directory
        1. Cost ~$600
        1. HOC Grant Requested  (Jane) for ~$300
      1. Art project @ Sylvan-30 underpass ($14,000 needed)
        1. General Board Consensus: nice artistic design, great idea; art is expensive
        1. Cheryl is going to ask GreenSpace to donate $ at their next meeting
        1. SPENA will donate $1500 to the project
  2. Directory-Kenda
    1. New spreadsheet—yay, Kenda and John!
    1. Paper vs Online
      1. Online should be pre-populated
        1. Only Name and address pre-populated
        1. More details could be added if residents want to create a login
      1. Wynnewood has both; Winnetka has paper only
      1. Send Kenda any questions you may have, and she will talk to Vicki
      1. Kenda will ask Vicki if we can create something that residents can print themselves.
  3. Website & Social Media-Heather (mobile: 469 580 6331)
    1. Please send her any pics or posts for Facebook/Insta/Website
    1. Instagram handle: Stevens_Park_Estates_SPENA
    1. Website:
  4. Social Events-Carol R.
    1. Welcome Basket in the Time of COVID-19
      1. Ask if they even Want a basket (via email or note on door)
      1. Suggestions: leave basket on doorstep; gift card to local restaurant or cookie from vendor in lieu of home baked cookies; SPENA Board member closest to new neighbor is the most logical person to deliver the basket.
  5. Other Business
    1. Constant Contact Messages-Census Reminder (Kathryn to write up and forward to Kenda)
    1. Rod Turns 80!!!!!!!! June drive by parade!

The next Board Mtg will be June 30th @ 7:00 BYO Masks and Socially Distance at Carole Somers-Clark’s Home.

Respectfully submitted, Michelle Touchet.

April 28, 2020

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Attendees: Carole Somers-Clark, President; Kathryn Warren, Past-President; Heather Perlowski, Social Media; Carol Rybarski, Social Chair; Jane Rogers, HOC Rep; Kenda North, Communications; Cheryl Aukeman, Greenspace Rep; John Ellis, Treasurer; and Michelle Touchet, Secretary

  1. Treasurer’s Report-John
    1. 2 new dues
    1. Paid website bill
  2. Directory-Kenda
    1. Time to move to an online format
    1. Cost ~$400 for Vicky Gouge <> to create our database
      1. She would plug it into our website
      1. Basic information, but members could go in and update their info
      1. John and Kenda will still need to generate an excel sheet with the basic data
  3. Website & Social Media-Heather
    1. Facebook-combined and updated
    1. Instagram-pics uploaded, Stevens_Park_Estates_SPENA
    1. NextDoor-n/a
    1. (website) up to date with meeting minutes
  4. Social Events-Carol R.
    1. Annual Business Meeting-Postponed until ??
    1. Block Party-should we cancel or do a modified party
      1. Food truck with pre-orders?
      1. Some neighborhoods are doing this
      1. FINAL DECISION-Cancel, don’t want someone to get sick at Our event!
  5. COVID19 Update-Carol R.
    1. 60+ stay at home
    1. Cancel all non-essential events
    1. For events: hand washing, social distancing, etc…
  6. HOC Grants-Jane
    1. Deadline May 15, 2020
    1. Irrigation for triangle park
      1. Need to make sure we know who “owns” this property (The City of Dallas owns it.)
      1. Past investigations showed irrigation prohibitively expensive
    1. Website design (2020 online directory project)
      1. Kenda will write up a draft proposal for the online directory project
    1. Social Activities (2021 block party)
      1. Carole R. can provide verbiage and cost to include in this grant application
    1. Kathryn to provide past grants to Jane for her information (i.e matching grants for sidewalks)
  7. Greenspace-Carol A.
    1. Past 2 meetings have been cancelled
    1. Golf tournament has been scheduled for October
    1. Will put out a mission statement to let folks know who is responsible for all the beauty they are currently enjoying!
    1. Can join/donate GreenSpace
    1. Joe R. has been doing great PR on NextDoor for GreenSpace

The next Board Mtg will be May 26th @ 7:00 Virtually (Michelle to set up Zoom)

Respectfully submitted, Michelle Touchet.

March 19, 2020

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Attendees: Carole Somers-Clark, President; Kenda North, Past President, Constant Contact Rep; John Ellis, Treasurer; Michelle Touchet, Secretary; Carol Rybarski, Co-Social Chair; Jane Rogers, Heritage Oak Cliff Rep; Ellie Hajek, HOC; Cheryl Aukeman, Co-Social Chair

Welcome & COVID-19 Processing

  1. COVID-19 Reports, Somers-Clark
    1. Methodist Report: 2-3 positive COVID-19 patients; 14 health care workers are now on home quarantine
    1. Clements Hospital not allowing visitors to patients
    1. Carole & Kenda will “field” requests from neighbors who need help
      1. Elderly
      1. Parents of school-aged children
    1. Self-identified Folks willing to run errands: Heather, Kathryn, Michelle
  2. Treasurer’s Report, Ellis
    1. A couple of new membership payments
    1. Closed savings account to save $15/month fee
  3. Social, Rybarski
    1. April First Friday: Cancelled
      1. June FF filled assuming quarantine is lifted
    1. Yard Sale: Cancelled
    1. Easter Egg Hunt: Cancelled
    1. Block Party: May 9 TBD (plans in place)
    1. SPENA Annual Meeting: May 20 TBD (Clubhouse is reserved)
  4. Directory, North
    1. Selling ads- postponed TBD
    1. Kenda and John will work on spreadsheet
  5. Heritage Oak Cliff (HOC), Rogers
    1. HOC/Neighborhood event was a success
    1. Spring Symposium: How to apply for a grant TBD

The next meeting will be held Virtually, April 28, 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Michelle Touchet

February 25, 2020

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Attendees: Carole Somers-Clark, President; Kenda North, Past President, Constant Contact Rep; John Ellis, Treasurer; Michelle Touchet, Secretary; Carol Rybarski, Social Chair; Jane Rogers, Heritage Oak Cliff Rep; Heather Perlowski, Social Media Coordinator

  1. Financials, Ellis
    1. 50 households paid to date
    1. Financial details in report
    1. Savings vs Checking Account.
    1. We have a square!
    1. Will provide a spreadsheet of the addresses who have paid
  2. Social, Rybarski
    1. First Friday-Cooper’s Meat Market—please go because they have been very generous
    1. Yard Sale, April 18 (minimum 10 houses participating, encourage partnering/clustering with a neighbor)
      1. Mary Alice Ayers, Jane Rogers, and Michelle Touchet to co-coordinate
      1. No balloons or donuts
      1. Contact a non-profit to pick up left-overs
      1. It happens to be on bulk trash weekend
      1. Send Kenda link to garage sale permit
    1. Block Party
      1. DATE: May 9, 12:00-4:00
      1. Hamburger Man to cater
      1. Lucky Pierre’s to perform
    1. Easter Egg Hunt
      1. 9:00 am start
      1. Kathryn Warren to Coordinate
    1. SPENA Annual Meeting
      1. May—Carol R. to call golf course to determine available dates
      1. Possible speaker: arborist (City of Dallas or Master Naturalists), school board rep (Ben Mackey & Chad West)
    1. Welcome Baskets
      1. Jane Rogers will help Carol R create and deliver
  3. Directory, North
    1. Selling ads
      1. Split businesses to cover more
      1. Kenda to tweak sales flier
      1. Kenda and John to work together to access Constant Contact
      1. Carole’s daughter to help with formatting
  4. Heritage Oak Cliff (HOC), Rogers
    1. Requesting updated information for our Board
    1. Participate in the Census
    1. GoodSpace, David Spence, requesting a variance
      1. Parking spaces
      1. Rooftop signs “TyPo” Tyler Polk
    1. La Calle Doce, March 10, from 6-8:30 pm “get acquainted” gathering with neighborhood association officers
    1. GRANT IDEA: water for the triangle across the street from Annie Stevens Park
      1. John Ellis is researching plausibility

The next meeting will be held at the home of John Ellis: 1043 Plymouth, March 24, 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Michelle Touchet

January 28, 2020

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SPENA Meeting, January 28, 2020, at the home of Carole Somers-Clark


In attendance: John Ellis, Carol Rybarski, Kenda North, Jane Rogers, Carole Somers-Clark, Kathryn Warren, Heather Perlowski

  1. Treasurer’s Report (John Ellis)
    1. Discussion of the best way to keep track of who has paid dues. John to consult with Alisha Senour, the former treasurer.
    1. Discussion of how boards are elected. Possibility of revisiting bylaws.
  2. Social calendar (Carol Rybarski)
    1. Host needed for March 6 First Friday; alternative would be to have the event at a bar.
    1. Question of whether First Fridays are still the best way to build SP community. Consensus seems to be that they are working.
    1. Dash for the Beads, 2/22; Heather and Carol to take charge of table for runners at corner of Plymouth and Colorado.
    1. Event signs: we will aim for a more even distribution of signs after the next neighborhood event.
  3. Revised directory (Kenda North)
    1. Discussion of the preferred format: print or online? Seems to be a preference for print, bringing in advertising revenue.
    1. Possibility of getting grant from Heritage Oak Cliff to help with costs of directory.
    1. Kathryn, Jane offered to help Kenda with directory.
    1. SPENA Board members to be more diligent about soliciting new information at membership party.
  4. Christian Science Church (Carole Somers-Clark) could be sold in the near future. Something to keep an eye on, seeing as the building is part of the SP Conservation District.
  5. Next meeting: February 25, 7 pm, at the home of Carol Rybarski (1935 Colorado)

Respectfully submitted by Kathryn Warren

December 17, 2019

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In attendance: Kathryn Warren, Carole Somers-Clark, Carol Rybarski, Cheryl Aukeman, Ellie Hajek, Alisha Senour (and Stella!), Heather Perlowsk


Cash on hand: a little over $6700 with an outstanding expense for the PO Box renewal, about $119. Net income of around $500.

73 paying households, compared to 77 last year.

Paid $1250 for security for Halloween.

Concern: if people start requesting reimbursement, which they should, that will change the financial picture.

Alisha needs John Ellis’s email address. She’ll take care of the transition from treasurer to treasurer.

John Ellis will be approved as a new signatory on the Chase Savings and Checking Accounts for SPENA, with Michelle Stellmaker being removed and Alisha Senour staying on.

Alisha will take care of the IRS filing for 2019.

PayPal is still under Michelle Stellmaker’s name. So we might want to take care of that at some point.


Social calendar

Block party conflict with Dads’ camping trip, so we’ll back up the day and do it on May 9

Cheryl to check with Lucky Pierres

Rhea is interested in hosting the crawfish boil

Douglas and Arlen want to host a FF, perhaps in April

Greg G. interested in hosting June 2020

Membership party, Carole and Ron Somers-Clark, January 18; 7 pm

Food: getting donations from Cooper’s (Cheryl to look into that); desserts and appetizers from Board members and neighbors

Hosts take care of specialty cocktail and neighbors can BYOB

Kenda to make invitation and we’ll divide up the flyers for distribution

Shifts for welcome table

7-7:30  Kathryn

7:30-8  Ellie

8-8:30  Carol

8:30-9  Cheryl

  • Signs! Where have they gotten to?
    • Kathryn has 2: OCB and Mayflower, another at triangle
    • Kenda has 4; she will give 1 to Carol to put at host’s house and 1 to Ellie; Kenda will put hers at JC + Rhea’s house, Mayflower and Colorado
    • Ellie has 1; Kenda will give 1 to Ellie; Ellie will do her yard, OCB and Marydale
    • Carol has 2: Plymouth and Colorado, Colorado and OCB
  • Heritage Oak Cliff
    • new rep – maybe Jane Rogers –she will need to join as an individual member of HOC and then become part of both Boards. Kathryn to ask her.
    • Maybe Douglas Khlar (sp?) – one member and an alternate
  • SPENA Board 2020
    • President: Carole Somers-Clark

Vice President: Cheryl Aukeman

Treasurer: John Ellis

Secretary: Michelle Touchet

Social Chair: Carol Rybarski

Social Media Chair: Heather Perlowski

Membership Chair: Ellie Hajek

Communications Chair: Kenda North

NOCCUP Representative: Wilson Meador

Greenspace Representative: Cheryl Aukeman

Past President: Kathryn Warren

Recognition of John Ellis and Mark for winning the Ruth Chenoweth award in recognition of their work in preserving and enhancing our parks, particularly Lake Cliff (Ellie to get verbiage)

  • Announce over Constant Contact
  • Greenspace report: committees formed to clean Coombs Creek, but golf course does not have manpower to clean up the creek. Question for Chad West: will Corps of Engineers be cleaning up the creek? There is a meeting with the City scheduled to try to figure out a solution.
  • Dash for the Beads: February 22. Heather to help out with the tables—water, trash; speaker for music
  • Next meeting: January 28 (4th Tuesday)—may adjust the meeting date, dependent on board members’ schedules; Carol R. will host

Respectfully submitted,

Kathryn Warren  

September 24, 2019

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Attendees: Kathryn Warren, President; Carol Rybarski, Social Chair Michelle Touchet, Secretary; Kenda North, Past-President and Communications; Ellie Hajek, Heritage Oak Cliff Rep; Heather Perlowski (new Old Orchard resident)

  1. Treasurer’s Report, Senour sent report via email
    1. No new memberships, Total as of today 67
    1. SPE grant check cleared ($700)
    1. Current balance ~$1500
  2. Nominee Ideas for 2020 Board
    1. Nathan Cox for Treasurer—Kenda spoke with him @ a cocktail party and “he didn’t run.”
    1. Kat Davenport for Social Media
    1. Pittengers are not interested at this time
    1. Michelle to ask Rhea
  3. Neighborhood Association 101
    1. Doing things nice for the neighborhood
    1. Doing things nice for the greater community
  4. Octoberfest (October 4)
    1. Location: 1800 and 1802 front yards
    1. Middlebrook neighbors are invited
    1. Semi-BYOB
    1. Needs 3 6’ tables (Cheryl, Michelle)
    1. Yard Lights (Michelle), Twinkle lights (Cheryl R., Kenda)
    1. Folding Chairs (bring them over Thursday prior)
    1. Food
      1. Carmelized onions, sauerkraut, brats (Cheryl R.)
      1. Weenies, buns, and brats (Ellie)
      1. Potato something (Kenda)
      1. Dessert (Kathryn)
      1. Something German/Polish (Heather)
      1. Pretzels and mustard (Michelle)
  5. New Neighbor Brunch, October 13
    1. 11:00-1:00 pm
    1. Cheryl Auckman’s house
    1. Cheryl A. (egg casserole), Ellie (cinnamon rolls), Kathryn (bacon), and Cheryl R (whatever) will bring food
  6. Talk to Chad about possible future of Christian Science church
  7. VII.         Halloween
    1. Dues to pay for police patrol (Lindsey Patterson to take care of ordering this)
  8. Operation Beautification, November 2
    1. Park clean up (right after Halloween)
    1. Kathryn to register our neighborhood
    1. City to provide trash bags, grippers, and trees

The next Board Mtg will be October 22 at Michelle Touchet’s House, 1909 Old Orchard Dr.

Respectfully submitted, Michelle Touchet.

August 27, 2019

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SPENA Meeting Minutes 8/27/19

Present:  Carole Somers-Clark; Alicia; Cheryl Aukeman; Carol Rybarski; Ellie Hajek; Kathryn Warren; Kenda North

Discussion:  Kenda’s suggestion for a paragraph for how to question something with the CD ordinance; it was edited and will be published.

Ged Dipprey asked about inviting Middlebrook community to our First Friday; Kathryn asked if they would need to join First Friday and be on our mailing list.  To do:  is there a contact person for the Neighborhood; can he facilitate.

Discussion on Kessler Townhomes between Hampton and the new development at Fort Worth Ave.  Decided it was not in SPENA and not in our interest. The developer asked us for input; Kathryn and Carole thought that they architecture did not match our neighborhood.  Ellie commented that is a ‘single mass’, seems too large for the lot. 

New Neighbor Brunch-

Discussed new neighbors; trying to find addresses. 

Combined our listed addressed.

Pickett’s put their house on the market; many offers. 

New Neighbor Brunch:

October 13th  Sunday

Mail Invites:

Sept 30th  11:00

Oktoberfest:  October 4th

Ellie’s front yard

And neighbor

Looking for contributions; need food for kids. 

Bring your favorite beer.

INVITATION children encouraged.

June 25, 2019

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Attendees: Kathryn Warren, President; Erik & Christine Kulstad, Vice President; Michelle Touchet, Secretary; Cheryl Aukeman, Greenspace Rep; Kenda North, Past-President and Communications

  1. Treasurer’s Report, Senour sent report via email
    1. Peggy and Brett interested in joining SPENA
      1. Are the interested in joining the board, too? Ask Alisha
  2. Nominee Ideas for 2020 Board, Warren
    1. Alisha does not want to run for treasurer again
    1. Nathan Cox for Treasurer
    1. Kat Davenport for Social Media
    1. Frank Pittenger for Secretary (co-office holders with Michelle/wife)
  3. Mess on Colorado
    1. City? Park Dept? Water?
    1. Ruined the ‘park’ area
    1. How can we get that creek area cleaned up?
    1. Neighborhood group trying to pull together a cleanup crew (Cheryl to investigate)
  4. Methodist Hospital, Warren
    1. Fitness center to be in a NO BUILD zone
    1. Methodist to sell hospital? Petition?—bd decision-not on spena site
  5. Social Chair Report, Rybarski via Warren
    1. Checks from HOC in support of events
      1. Cinco de Mayo
      1. Equipment at Stevens Park Elementary
    1. Ged Dipprey to host August First Friday
  6. Fundraiser, Aukeman
    1. GOAL: have them for membership mtg 1/2020
    1. Order by September
    1. Bags $3/cost
    1. Goal to sell 500
    1. Kayli to help design, open to a broad audience (not exclusively SP)

The next Board Mtg will be July 23 at a location TBD.

Respectfully submitted, Michelle Touchet.

March 26, 2019

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Attendees: Erik Kulstad, Vice Presidents; Carol Rybarski, Social Chair; Cheryl Freydberg, Greenspace Rep; Alisha Senour, Treasurer; Kenda North, Past President; Ellie Hajek

  1. Discussion of recent demolition on Colorado Blvd. 
  2. Social Chair Report, Rybarski
    1. Next First Friday at Douglass Klahr and Arlan Miller, 2020 Marydale, April 5, 2019
    1. NEED: August First Friday host
      1. Lindsay and Forest Patterson-possible?
    1. Block Party Cinco de Mayo-4th of May, noon-4:00 @ Annie Stevens Park
      1. Band lined up
      1. Bounce House lined up
      1. Face Painter (Kathryn to contact her)
      1. Hamburger Man lined up (too late to change to Damian/Lockhart, but aim for next year)
    1. First Friday, 3 of May—move to second Friday? Move to August? Move to July? (Kenda emailed Mike Argy to see which he prefers)
  3. Treasurer’s Report, Senour
    1. ~$8880 balance (7 new households joined, for 57 total, last year ended with 77)
    1. $100 donation from Calvos (need to write a thank you note still?)
    1. Melissa Jordan gave $100 – also need to write thank you note
    1. IRS 990 post card has been filed by Alisha, previous year filing appears to be pending, for unclear reason
  4. Survey Report, updates
    1. REQUESTS: Creek clean-up – golf course workers mentioned that they aren’t required to clean up now after new superintendent arrived – will reach out via golfer(s)
    1. More Art: See Greenspace contributions
    1. Progressive Dinner: Monty & Mary Alice interested in participating
      1. Fundraiser
      1. Food donated from local businesses
        1. Cooper’s Meat Mkt
        1. Cretia’s
  5. April 27th is It’s My Park Day- Spring 2019 – TBD contact person, Carol Rybarski volunteered
  6. Fundraiser
    1. Cheryl looking into shopping bag
    1. Possibly ask Kaylee to design an image/saying
  7. General-Annual Business Meeting – Set for Wednesday 22nd of May
    1. Realtor:
      1. Crystal not able (per Alisha), Ged (Kathryn)
    1. City Councilperson: Chad-? (Kathryn to talk to him at Cheryl F.’s fundraiser)
  8. Heritage Oak Cliff, Somers-Clark (not in attendance)
    1. Stevens Park elementary project – upcoming grant cycle, can we apply, and for how much?
  9. Beautification Projects, Warren (as per Ellie)
    1. Operation Beautification is May 18, after the May 4th block party, so will focus on It’s My Park Day
  10. Membership, Warren
    1. Welcome Baskets
      1. Across from Erik & Christine (Matt and Mary)
      1. Kathryn’s across the street neighbor (?)
      1. need to be invited to new neighbor brunch
      1. New person next to rock lawn house
      1. Mayflower across Monty and MaryAlice
  11. Social Media-FB, Constant Contact “tweaking” – check if SJ is on SPENA email?

The next meeting will be held at the home of Carole Somers-Clark on April 23rd @ 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Erik Kulstad.