Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program

We wanted to remind everyone who shops at Tom Thumb with a Rewards Card that they can link their card to

SPENA and Tom Thumb will then pay SPENA 1% of all grocery purchases as part of their Good Neighbor Program. The amount of the check SPENA receives then depends on the amount of total grocery purchases. Many neighbors have already done this (for which we’re sincerely thankful!) and because of that SPENA received over $200 from Tom Thumb in 2010! This is a wonderfully easy way to support SPENA.

All you need to do is go to the Courtesy Booth at any Tom Thumb Grocery Store and let them know that you want to link your Rewards Card to a Charity. Our SPENA Charity Number is 226559. If you already have another Charity listed for your account, you can have multiple charities. For those who don’t have a Reward Card with Tom Thumb, you can apply for one at the Courtesy Booth and at that time you can link SPENA to your new account in the top portion application in the “Good Neighbor Program” section, again indicating 226559 for SPENA.

If you’d like more information about this program, please go to

We are extremely grateful to Tom Thumb for this great program that supports nonprofit groups like SPENA, and hope that everyone who shops at Tom Thumb with a Rewards Card will consider this easy way to support SPENA.

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