SPENA Meeting Minutes 8/27/19

Present:  Carole Somers-Clark; Alicia; Cheryl Aukeman; Carol Rybarski; Ellie Hajek; Kathryn Warren; Kenda North

Discussion:  Kenda’s suggestion for a paragraph for how to question something with the CD ordinance; it was edited and will be published.

Ged Dipprey asked about inviting Middlebrook community to our First Friday; Kathryn asked if they would need to join First Friday and be on our mailing list.  To do:  is there a contact person for the Neighborhood; can he facilitate.

Discussion on Kessler Townhomes between Hampton and the new development at Fort Worth Ave.  Decided it was not in SPENA and not in our interest. The developer asked us for input; Kathryn and Carole thought that they architecture did not match our neighborhood.  Ellie commented that is a ‘single mass’, seems too large for the lot. 

New Neighbor Brunch-

Discussed new neighbors; trying to find addresses. 

Combined our listed addressed.

Pickett’s put their house on the market; many offers. 

New Neighbor Brunch:

October 13th  Sunday

Mail Invites:

Sept 30th  11:00

Oktoberfest:  October 4th

Ellie’s front yard

And neighbor

Looking for contributions; need food for kids. 

Bring your favorite beer.

INVITATION children encouraged.